About Crystalize My Couture

CMC specializes in a service known as 'strassing' whereby clients commission the service of having their designer shoes and accessories hand embellished with the finest of Swarovski ELEMENTS.

CMC also undertakes bespoke commission of Swarovski art work all prices are on application and can be discussed by emailing info@crystalizemycouture.co.uk in the first instance.

CMC was born from my desire further explore my artist skills and love of Swarovski.

I decided this is a market whereby I could not only benefit from doing something I enjoy, but also offer an individual and bespoke custom service.

Each commission receives my full attention and 100% commitment. I do the best possible job I can on each commission, for each client . Everyone gets treated like a VIP.

After many trials and errors, some expensive and some less so, I have been custom strassing designer shoes for sometime (mainly Christian Louboutin) and have often been praised on the quality and price of my service compared to retail.

I enjoy what I do and have become one of the lucky ones who has combined work and play, into one very pleasurable business venture.

About Crystalize My Couture's Owner and Creator

CMC is the sole creation of one person and I pride myself on the service I offer.

I am an artisit with a love for strassing, crystals, shoes and art. I am also a perfectionist and like things to be 1000% right in every way. I issue completed projects in a fashion I would expect to receive them, beautifully packaged with all the information required to ensure continued perfection.

My favourite brand of shoes is Christian Louboutin with Saint Laurent coming a close second.

I am a qualified professional aswell as an artist.

I work hard and try my best at all times. I am also friendly and will treat people how I am treated by them, in short I will not tolerate rudeness, unkind behaviour or abuse.

Crystalize My Couture's Website

Throughout this website you will be able to see an explanation of 'The Service' offered by CMC, the pricing structure and the answers to many FAQ's are provided.

There is also a section dedicated to providing finished photos of commissions undertaken and photos of where CMC's work has been used in publications.

When the reciepent provides feedback or a testimonal highlighting their experience of CMC this will be published in the testimonials section. In addition to this you can view CMC and become a follower of my work on the Facebook Fan Page for the dedicated follower and a twitter feed which can be found at @CMyCouture

Finally there is section dedicated to personal projects undertaken by CMC which are offered for sale. Each project is a one off size and strassed in a colour chosen by CMC.

CMC can be described in many ways:

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